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Rachel S.   5.0 star rating

9/26/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

This is the second time we've asked Luas's Catering to assist us for an event. They're so helpful and kind. But their specialty lies in their food! It's so incredibly flavorful and delicious. Best taco truck in SLO county!

Lanie W.   5.0 star rating

9/23/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

The team at Lua's is amazing! So easy to work with and fantastic food. The shrimp tacos were all I ever wanted and more. Thank you, Lua's! Highly recommend.

Julie C.   5.0 star rating

9/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

We had Lua's cater our wedding. We are from out of town, so we didn't actually try the food before our wedding day. That said, from following their Instagram page and reading their reviews we decided to hire them anyway. I'm so glad we did! Tacos are my favorite food, so I can be a tough critic. It was really important to me that the tacos were authentic. They far exceeded my expectations. The food was amazing! Everything was fresh, flavorful, and so delicious. We did a taco bar with steak, chicken, and carnitas as the proteins. There was a full fresh salsa bar with additional taco toppings as well. For appetizers we had taquitos, quesadillas, and chips & guacamole. So many of our wedding guests raved about the food, and many of them admitted they couldn't resist going back for seconds! The Lua's team was also so friendly and created such a good experience for all of our guests. Thank you Lua's for making our special day even more perfect!

Elaina B.   5.0 star rating

9/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

We just had their tacos for an event at my work and they were absolutely amazing! Every single person was so happy with their tacos and there was almost never a line. I had some too and they were some of the best tacos I've ever had. 10/10 recommend for anyone considering tacos for an event!


Ileana M.   5.0 star rating

9/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Lua's Catering is awesome! We got to try their tacos at Edna Valley today and loved them. The staff was great and really accommodating to our fast preferences. Would love to eat here again!


CJ G.   5.0 star rating

9/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

We recently had Lua's cater our Wine Club Party at Edna Valley Vineyard and they were amazing!! The food was BEYOND phenomenal, the guests were all so happy, and on top of that they are the nicest people to work with. I highly recommend them! Can't wait to have them back!


Kerstin S.   5.0 star rating

9/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA


We had Lua's Catering today at Edna Valley and they were FANTASTIC!!! The tacos were absolutely delicious and the team was so nice. Highly recommend - thank you Lua's team!


Tony B.   5.0 star rating

9/3/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

I hired Lua's to cater my wife's birthday party over Labor Day weekend. It was fantastic. The staff was friendly and professional and the food is incredible. We had asada, carnitas and chicken tacos. Some of the best I've ever had. All of the guests loved it. If you're thinking about hiring a taco cart /truck for any occasion, it doesn't get any better than Lua's.


Katie W.   5.0 star rating

6/28/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA


Easily the BEST tacos my family and I have ever tasted. We're not from California, but Lua's Catering is the highlight of every Cali trip. Always very friendly and professional and make exceptional tacos. Can't wait for my next Lua experience.


Mike C.   5.0 star rating

6/22/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Lua's is absolutely delicious!!! We live in Southern California and have a lot of great options for tacos but Lua's might just be the best I have had. They are very welcoming when you meet them and their food doesn't disappoint. I must say their Pastor is among the best I've ever had. They have multiple salsa choices that will satisfy whichever heat level you are looking for. Make sure to book Lua's for your next event!!!

Meagan C.   5.0 star rating

6/21/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Best tacos ever!! Friendly staff! Father and son! Salsa is killer, especially the green one!! Taco on!


Sean G.   5.0 star rating

6/5/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

My family and I have had the privilege of eating awesome Mexican food from Lua's Catering at various events in our county such as at the Dinosaur Caves in Pismo and wineries in the area. The food is 100% fresh and authentic. They're all so friendly. Also the chips and salsa bar is fantastic!!!

Erin S.   5.0 star rating

6/2/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Lua's catered my husband's 50th surprise party and they were amazing. Food was great, service was great, they were on time and easy to work with.

Katie W.   5.0 star rating

6/28/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Easily the BEST tacos my family and I have ever tasted. We're not from California, but Lua's Catering is the highlight of every Cali trip. Always very friendly and professional and make exceptional tacos. Can't wait for my next Lua experience.

Mike C.   5.0 star rating

6/22/2019 San Luis Obispo, CA

Lua's is absolutely delicious!!! We live in Southern California and have a lot of great options for tacos but Lua's might just be the best I have had. They are very welcoming when you meet them and their food doesn't disappoint. I must say their Pastor is among the best I've ever had. They have multiple salsa choices that will satisfy whichever heat level you are looking for. Make sure to book Lua's for your next event!!! 

Meagan C.   5.0 star rating

6/21/2019   San Luis Obispo, CA

Best tacos ever!! Friendly staff! Father and son! Salsa is killer, especially the green one!! Taco on! 

R C.    5.0 star rating

6/6/2019 San Luis Obispo, CA

I can't say enough about the food, the service, and the overall friendliness of this family owned business. They catered my daughter's graduation dinner tonight and it was THE BEST EVER!! I am very picky about the authenticity of Mexican food; this was absolutely delicious. I will definitely call them again. 

Sean G.    5.0 star rating

6/5/2019   San Luis Obispo, CA

My family and I have had the privilege of eating awesome Mexican food from Lua's Catering at various events in our county such as at the Dinosaur Caves in Pismo and wineries in the area. The food is 100% fresh and authentic. They're all so friendly. Also the chips and salsa bar is fantastic!!! 

Erin S.   5.0 star rating  

6/2/2019    San Luis Obispo, CA

Lua's catered my husband's 50th surprise party and they were amazing. Food was great, service was great, they were on time and easy to work with. 

Joe K.   5.0 star rating  

5/9/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

Every time I go to a wine pick-up party, I hope these guys are there! It's not often I have a hard time choosing a favorite amongst chicken, carne asada, and al pastor tacos (I'm typically an al pastor guy), but these dudes crush it all! And of course they have grilled veggies and an excellent salsa bar, as well. 

Stephanie R.    5.0 star rating    

4/18/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA
I used Lua's Catering recently for a work mixer. From beginning to end, the process was seamless and professional. And the food? It was delicious! We had beef "asada", grilled chicken and al-pastor tacos. Our guests raved about them. We will be using them again in the near future. I highly recommend this family-owned business expertly run by Jose, Miguel and Jose Jr. You won't be disappointed! 

Jeff P.    5.0 star rating    

3/7/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA
Hands down the best tacos I have had in over a year! The food was so delicious that it was difficult to not over eat. The salsas and guacamole were a fantastic side for the tacos. The Lua's crew were super pleasant to boot. Thanks for such a delicious meal Lua's! 

Rachel P.   5.0 star rating

2/26/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

56 friends 2 reviews

Lua's is absolutely amazing! They catered my rehearsal dinner, in the rain, and delivered not only amazing food but wonderful customer service! I would recommend them to everyone, you cannot go wrong!! 

Shauna D.  5.0 star rating

2/15/2019  San Luis Obispo, CA

We have used Lua's Catering several times for our wine club events & every time they have provided excellent service. The food is always fresh & delicious & the service is friendly & professional. The weather was pretty bad during our last event, but the crew was prepared & served their delicious tacos with a smile. Thank you! 

Eric A.    5.0 star rating 

2/11/2019  Paso Robles, CA

 3 friends, 44 reviews

We hired Lua's for our anniversary party.  Let me start out by saying from the moment we contacted them to the point of the actual event was seamless. 

On the day of the event they arrived in plenty of time to set up and be prepared to serve food at the scheduled time.  They were professional and friendly.  They made our day very stress free.

For appetizers we had quesadillas, chips, salsa and guacamole and for dinner we had tacos.  We had three choices of meat (chicken, beef, pastor) with all the fixings available.   Not only did we think that food was excellent, all of our guests raved how delicious the food was. 

We recommend Lua's for your event.  You will not be disappointed. They are friendly, professional and a family business.

Joanne L. 5 star rating 

10/30/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

Lua's Catering is such an amazing company. Flexible, easy to work with, professional, and very reasonable prices. I would recommend hiring them for any large scale event.


Brad E. 5 star rating 

10/14/2018 Mountain View, CA 

We hired Lua's to do a taco truck for our rehearsal dinner that was held at a winery in Arroyo Grande. Our guests enjoyed amazing wines as the sunset, and watched and smelled the wonderful food as it was prepared in front of us. Tacos carne asada, pollo, and al pastor. The food was off the charts great and Lua's was so easy to work with. Highly recommend them!


Rhona M. 5 star rating 

10/14/2018 Tyler, TX 

Lua's catering food and service is WONDERFUL! We are from Tyler, Texas and were planning our son's rehearsal dinner. Being from Texas, we were searching for good Mexican food and also wanted food trucks to have something different . . . outdoors and bringing Texas to California! Well, it was so much better than "good"! We were in communication with Miguel from the beginning. He was personal and paid attention to detail to make our event perfect. Miguel and his family members even met with us twice at the venue when we traveled to San Luis Obispo making our plans. The food was amazing! We had about 150 guests at the rehearsal dinner. Our guests raved about how delicious the salsa and tacos were! Many people made numerous trips to have seconds and thirds! Here we are two weeks after the wedding and our Texas guests were once again talking about how amazing the food and service of Lua's catering was! Thank you Miguel and family for making our rehearsal dinner absolutely perfect! Rhona M. and family.


Jennifer D. 5 star rating 

9/14/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA

17 friends, 2 reviews

Lua's catered and event for me and went above and beyond! We had an extra 25 people show up and they had more than enough to feed everyone and the food was FANTASTIC! We got so many compliments from our meeting attendees who loved the tacos, the fresh ingredients, the variety of salsas and the guacamole. We will definitely use them again!


Logan S. 5 star rating 

9/7/2018 Lafayette, CA 

331 friends, 4 reviews

Super tortillas, even better meats and veggies. Visited a winery that had Lua's cater and was very impressed. Good assortment of salsas, each one very delicious in its own way. I would definitely recommend to a friend


Julian H. 5 star rating 

9/7/2018 Elk Grove, CA 

Had tacos catered at a event in Edna valley. Tacos were amazing. Great assortment of salsas to go with. Would recommend.


Natali R. 5 star rating 

8/30/2018 Santa Maria, CA

2 friends, 13 reviews 

Lua's Catering food and service is AMAZING! I was in communication with Miguel from the beginning and he made sure everything was set for the day of our event. He really made the process so easy. The food speaks for itself. Our guests raved about how good it was. There were people who wanted seconds even though they were full! They did not disappoint. I highly recommend them for any catering needs.


Lizz M. 5 star rating 

8/29/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

I would recommend Lua's Catering a thousand times over to anyone. I've had them cater 3 events in the last 2 years and every time its been a wonderful experience. Miguel is communicative, works with me to stay on budget, and the food is always spectacular. We have continued to book them because we keep getting requests from employees at company events to bring them back.


Kristin W. 5 star rating 

8/24/2018 Oceano, CA 

48 friends, 2 reviews 

I have used Lua's catering for many company events and personal parties, they are simply awesome! They offer 3 different types of tacos, beans and rice that keep you coming back for more! The Lua family is wonderful and always professional. They offer prompt service, wonderful food and I always have guests and employees asking for their information, so they can hire them for personal events. You will not find any other catering company that offers a taco bar this delicious!


Alexandra V. 5 star rating

8/18/2018 Santa Maria, CA 

Updated review 

AMAZING! This is our 2nd year hiring Lua's and of course they nailed it! The food/salsa bar was INCREDIBLE! We had close to 300 people and they didn't miss a beat. The entire staff is as sweet as can be, real down to earth people. Will definitely be hiring them again. They're as good as it gets when it comes to tacos on the Central Coast!!!!

8/15/2017 Previous review 

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these guys! They catered our company picnic this weekend where we had more than 250 people. Not only was the food AMAZING but the meat is cooked fresh on the spot. Miguel and his family are the sweetest people whose main goal is customer satisfaction. They served us all so quickly and were serving until the very last minute. The salsa bar was delicious, they had a variety of salsas that complimented their food just right. I'm glad I chose them for this event and I will definitely be calling them again! :) 


Alicia C. 5 star rating 

8/17/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

We (Paragon Vineyard/Niven Family Wines) have used Lua's Catering a few times now and have not been disappointed. Great food with a great price. You can't beat it.


Lori M. 5 star rating 

8/16/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

Updated review 

This is our third straight year having Lua's Catering at our Graduate Program Student Welcome; and we couldn't be happier. Aside from the fact that their food is fresh, delicious and prepared on-site, the Lua family's attention to detail and customer service is top-notch. Highly recommended!


8/22/2017 Previous review 

We (Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business Graduate Programs) have hired Lua's Catering for several events, and they have been fantastic! Aside from delicious tacos, they are professional, prompt, and well organized. We highly recommend them, and will use them again in the future.


Lauren S. 5 star rating 

8/11/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

Lua's Catering is truly a treat! The best authentic street tacos I've ever had. On top of that, they are professional, friendly, responsive, and wonderful to do business with. We have used them several times, and each time the food and the service is top-notch. Can't wait to use them again!


Tony C. 5 star rating 

8/9/2018 Santa Barbara, CA 

Used them for my daughter's wedding and their tacos are the best!

They were on time, organized and very friendly. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.


Dennis L. 5 star rating

8/6/2018 Yorba Linda, CA 

5 friends, 14 reviews 

Awesome food and the salsa is fantastic! Looking for the best in authentic Mexican catering Luna's is the best!!


Zachary G. 5 star rating 

7/18/2018 Pryor, OK 

85 friends, 2 reviews 

Lua's Catering has by far the best tacos in the area and their staff is extremely kind and respectful 10/10 would recommend for any event from weddings to office lunches!


Kerri R. 5 star rating 

7/11/2018 Templeton, CA 

We hired Lua's Catering for the rehearsal dinner. Since many of the bridal party were from out of town we asked Miguel to bring his truck to the event. 

Everyone thought the food was excellent! The taco bar has a good variety of food and the staff help serve up what you desire.

The company is professional, responsive, timely, clean, and customer service focused.

Zero negative - ALL positive. We will use them again.


Nikki E. 5 star rating 

6/28/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

Great for catering, affordable, delicious, and the family that runs it is spectacular and super friendly. Can't go wrong!


Kim M. 5 star rating 

6/28/2018 Lake Almanor, CA 

34 friends 

I needed a caterer for our son's wedding and wanted to do tacos because his fiancé loves tacos. Just by the pictures and reviews we were pretty confident that they would be good. Working with Miguel was very easy. They delivered everything they said they would. The food was amazing and all our guests were stuffed when it was all said and done. I would definitely use Lua's again. Thanks for a wonderful wedding experience.


Comment from Miguel L. of Lua's Catering Business Owner 6/28/2018 

Thank you Kim! It was a beautiful wedding. :) 


Amy B. 5 star rating 

6/20/2018 Elk Grove, CA 

179 friends , 11 reviews, 25 photos 

Lua's catered a Cal Poly graduation party last weekend for around 85 and did a great job! The food was amazing & plentiful. I heard several people comment that they were the best tacos they'd ever eaten. Everything was set up & cleaned up efficiently. Miguel and team were friendly, responsive, and professional. I can't recommend them highly enough! Thanks Lua's for a party to remember! Thanks also for recommending the margarita company--that was a hit, too!


Devin V. 5 star rating 

6/16/2018 San Jose, CA 

580 friends, 3 reviews 

These guys are top notch. I guarantee you will not find a better taco truck than these guys. Personable, responsive, clean, and most importantly delicious. Hire these guys for your next event


Comment from Miguel L. of Lua's Catering Business Owner 6/16/2018 

Thank you Devin! It was fun catering for you all. 


Rod A. 5 star rating 

6/16/2018 San Jose, CA 

The best seasoned meat tacos I ever had. Great quality, so much food. The best taco catering ever


Comment from Miguel L. of Lua's Catering Business Owner 6/16/2018 

I’m glad you enjoyed our food! 

-Lua’s Catering 


Roberta H. 5 star rating 

6/14/2018 Paso Robles, CA

Miguel and Lua's catering catered my son's wedding rehearsal dinner (party of 55 on a windy evening) this past weekend. What an amazing dinner!!! They were great to work with from start to cleanup. This is a family run business and every member of their family were delightful to work with (especially Elizabeth!) 

Thank you so much to the Lua family -The food was delicious! The service Superb! 

Happy mother of the Groom!



Comment from Miguel L. of Lua's Catering Business Owner 6/14/2018 

Thank you for having us cater your son’s wedding rehearsal dinner! 

-Miguel Lua 


Stephanie C. 5 star rating 

6/8/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

245 friends, 3 reviews 

Superb! Exceptional! Not only is the food amazing, so was the service. If you want truly outstanding and authentic Mexican cuisine you have to hire Lua's Catering. I recommend the carne asada, that was crazy good. 5 out 5 would recommend! And since I can't resist saying it...they bring the guac that makes the party rock.


Comment from Miguel L. of Lua's Catering Business Owner 

6/8/2018 Thank you very much for the yelp review! I’m glad you loved the carne asada and guacamole! 


Jody C. 5 star rating 

5/30/2018 Arroyo Grande, CA 

8 reviews 

This was our second time having Lua's cater for our employees. The first time was an actual gift given to us from a customer and we were blown away with how good the food was.... simply put tacos done right!

The second time was because they were so good the first and now we hope to have them cater for us a few times a year...Miquel, 

Jose and Walter were awesome to work with and made a taco bar where no one went hungry! I supplemented their food with some beautiful fruit and vegetable platters that Von's did and we had quite a party! Definitely would have them cater any event, party, graduation or just a large family get-together anytime. oh - and the leftovers made a great nacho bar the next day for lunch!


Julian A. 5 star rating 

4/20/2018 Scottsdale, AZ 

298 friends, 2 reviews 

Fantastic tacos and service! They crushed our rehearsal dinner. They had 3 types of meat, grilled veggies, guacamole, chips, and great fixings.


Peter B. 5 star rating 

12/19/2017 San Luis Obispo, CA 

28 friends, 1 review 

These guys are the best of the best. If you're looking for a reliable crowd favorite, making authentic food with lots of options, Lua's are the people to call. They are completely dialed in, like a well oiled machine, and take little room to set up, cook, and serve. They catered for our fire station Christmas Party, and they were a big hit. Miguel, Jose Jr. and Jose Sr. are friendly and professional, and have perfected their fare from the tacos to the guacamole. It's hard to convey the experience in a review, so call them! The only drawback is that no other tacos can compare to theirs! We will definitely be calling them again.


Vickie J. 5 star rating 

10/18/2017 Santa Clara, CA 

We used Lua's Catering for our son's wedding rehearsal dinner at Green Gate Ranch. We couldn't have been happier with their service. Both Jose and Miguel were very pleasant to deal with, always returning calls and emails. The food was excellent and very reasonably priced. We were also able to keep the leftovers, It was so nice to have them come to our venue and set up their serving area. They even helped set up our tables and chairs. We would highly recommend Lua's Catering to anyone.


Holly R. 5 star rating

10/2/2017 Chico, CA 

Lua's Catering was an absolute pleasure to have at our recent event. They were so accommodating, helpful and kind. All of my guests were so pleased with the great food and the atmosphere that the Lua family gave to our event. We will definitely be using Lua's Catering again in the future for their wonderful tacos, great customer service and flexibility.


Denise H. 5 star rating 

10/1/2017 Fresno, CA 

2 friends, 33 reviews 

They did a fantastic job! We had a big Bday party in Cayucos (approx 130), they were so professional and friendly- set up the grill w/an awning and had all the "fixin's" displayed nicely -for guests to add to their tacos / rice and beans. 

All night long guests commented on how good the food was ! Some even saying, "These are the Best tacos I've ever had!" Well done Julian / Jose and crew - Class Act operation!!!


Marisa E. 5 star rating 

8/31/2017 San Clemente, CA 

I would HIGHLY Recommend Lua's Catering for any event. We have attended many weddings and events with taco carts, but Lua's was by far the best we have ever had. All the ingredients were super fresh and the meats were prepared deliciously on site as our 130 guests were going through the serving line. The food, salsas, and toppings were beautifully displayed and arranged. Besides the delicious food, Juan was a pleasure to work with and accommodating to our needs. And to top it off, the price was extremely reasonable. Definitely a great choice.



Ann W. 5 star rating 

8/21/2017 Moraga, CA 

86 friends, 3 reviews 

This is an absolutely fantastic and well organized taco bar for catering for small and large events. We met up with Jose the morning before our beach party the night before our wedding. They were very accommodating and friendly. We had a party of about 30 and everyone was raving about the food! If you're planning a gathering and want to make it easy on yourself I would go with Lua's catering. Excellent service!!


Mia F. 5 star rating 

6/3/2017 Pismo Beach, CA 

30 friends, 3 reviews 

Exceptional is an understatement. We are extremely pleased with Lua's Catering from beginning to end. Miguel returned my call the next day, set the schedule and explained everything in detail. They arrived on schedule, cooked everything fresh, and the presentation was perfectly executed. They were organized, and very courteous and professional. The food was OUTSTANDING and I would highly recommend them. My husband and I were very impressed and we have tons of leftovers! We will definitely be using them again.


Tim K. 5 star rating 

12/26/2016 Pismo Beach, CA 

57 friends, 6 reviews 

Excellent Tacos, Beans, Rice, and Salsas with all the Trimmings. Perfect Service and Professional Attitude. I have had their food twice at Winery Pick-Up Parties and my own private party. In my opinion, there is none better in the Central Coast! A family business that perfectly represents the Central Coast Friendly Attitude! Will follow them anywhere they have Public Events. I highly recommend them for any party & Event. Will use them for my future events.


Tammie O. 5 star rating 

12/19/2017 San Luis Obispo, CA 

Lua's Catering SAVED THE DAY. 

Lau's Catering is GREAT. Our company had plans that were cancelled at the last minute. We called Lau's and they stepped in and saved the day for an office party of 70.

The food was wonderful, we had chicken, beef, and fish tacos. They even made quesadillas for the kids (and me). The food was cooked in front of us - it was fresh and HOT. There was a full taco bar. 

I recommend them to everyone.

Lizbeth L. and 6 others voted for this review 


Lindsey H. 5 star rating 

3/5/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA 

502 friends, 81 reviews 

I have used Lua's for a couple of parties now. They are awesome. Prompt, professional, and the food is always a big hit. In the past we have done the taco bar, but this time we added in the quesadillas as appetizers and I would highly recommend doing the same. Your guests will be happy! Great pricing for the amount of food they provide. Will be calling them again in the future.

Lizbeth L. and 4 others voted for this review 

Bakersfield, CA, 9 friends, 6 reviews 


Dawn T. 5 star rating 

5/21/2017 Bakersfield, CA, 

9 friends, 6 reviews 

Professional. Fresh. Delicious. Lua's Catering taco bar. We had beef asada, chicken and shrimp tacos with their secret homemade salsas and guacamole. The taco meats were prepared onsite on their portable grill and served hot. Miguel, his family and staff we both professional and engaging. If you are thinking of having a taco bar, I highly recommend Lua's!!!!

Miguel L. and 4 others voted for this review, Useful, 5, Cool 2 



Phyllis S. 5 star rating 

4/9/2017 San Luis Obispo, CA  

33 friends 12 reviews, First to Review 

I highly recommend this company, prompt, friendly, dependable, courteous and outstanding tacos with all the fixings. They catered my mother's 90th birthday party and everyone loved the food. The quality of their ingredients is outstanding and their presentation could not have been better.

Lizbeth L. and 4 others voted for this review